50/50 Entertainment puts people in touch with what they want to hear and see. Underground music fans in search of that new head nodding, trunk throbbing hip hop track, but 50/50 Entertainment doesn't stop there they also produce shows and events that capture the essence of what the hip hop and urban community thrive for and expect. Weather that be in the new R&B music of the south Marques Callaway or shows like the "Jazz Fest" and like the extremely successful"Love and Happiness Comedy Show".

The company was founded on June of 1998 with a vision of changing the way music and entertainment is developed and presented. Following a natural progression of there passions and interests, 50/50 Entertainment has evolved into a new kind of entertainment company that takes a more efficient and fully integrated approach to artist development and event cross marketing.

50/50 Entertainment has its ear to the ground for the freshest urban sounds. At the same time with the events and shows 50/50 Entertainment produces the company has has much success. The company's ability to identify and nurture new sounds and ideas has positioned 50/50 Entertainment as a lifestyle marketing resource for tapping the urban scene.

50/50 Entertainment has quickly built a reputation for delivering exceptionally high quality entertainment and establishing grass-roots credibility for new music. The company's creative energy can be seen, heard and felt.

Realizing that ultimately all record labels would need to reinvent themselves in order to remain viable entities in the near future, 50/50 Entertainment has developed a lower risk and more profitable business model from which to develop artists/music and cross marketing entertainment. The company is emphasizing a grassroots approach to the market and utilizing alternative promotion and distribution techniques as well as technology to cost effectively connect music and entertainment with there fans.

Over the course of the next 5 years, as the industry continues to restructure and rid itself of inefficiencies, Major record labels will evolve into leaner, more risk averse companies. As this happens, Majors will once again look to companies like 50/50 Entertainment as the source for new artist development and as the vehicles for the best entertainment possible.

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